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Take your event online and allow viewers to interact, engage, learn or celebrate with you in real-time.  We offer professional, broadcast-quality, live steaming services for conferences, product launches, concerts, corporate and community events.  Our services are available Australia-wide and range from single to multi-camera productions with full HD recording.

We work to execute your vision and provide the necessary project management to ensure a seamless event.  We also help coordinate and deliver hybrid events, which contain a mix of pre-recorded and live content.

We can distribute your event to multiple destinations including a custom-built landing page, website, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channel.  Distribution to multiple channels makes your event accessible to a broader audience.

If you are unfamiliar with live streaming, do not be concerned. Our team has decades of experience in film, television, and corporate video production so you can rest easy knowing that your event is in safe and capable hands.

Live Streaming Services


Hybrid events combine both pre-recorded and live content. Whether it’s a fundraiser, conference, or product launch, we deliver premium quality events that offer a robust viewer experience to both in-person and virtual attendees.

Let our team take care of all the logistics and receive friendly and reliable support before during and after your event. As we are also a digital marketing agency, we can assist in promoting your event as well as build a custom registration page. We offer on-the-day set up and can stream your event to multiple destinations including social media platforms, your website or a custom-built landing page. We can also allow your moderators to communicate with the audience in real-time with a live moderated chat and Q&A.

Even with travel restrictions easing, it’s not always easy for people to attend conferences in person. Live streaming your conference can potentially double the number of attendees as guests no longer have to concern themselves with travel-related costs. Our experienced and dedicated team provide ongoing support to help amplify the success and reach of your conference.

With many people still apprehensive about gathering in crowds, why not offer your audience the chance to tune in remotely?  We produce cinematic quality video that offers those watching at home a rich and immersive viewer experience.  We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure crisp, clear audio. It’s the next best thing to front row seats!

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