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In the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, a member of the Jewish community had an idea to reach out to older members of the Jewish community and, keep them connected whilst isolated from their families and support networks.

The initiative was supported financially by grants from a local council, two Jewish community organisations, and individual donations.  A local synagogue agreed to host the initiative.  The project was called Dunera in acknowledgment of the historic link to Jewish immigrants and their struggle with social isolation.

The aim was to establish a platform for individuals to participate in online virtual events and a range of online social activities. The content was tailored to an elderly audience and took into consideration their access to assistance, and their ability to navigate technology.

The Dunera platform hosted live interactive events covering a range of topics including music, cooking, education and health.  Suitable curated events were also sourced from external organisations.

The Challenge

AD Media was approached because of our experience working in the not-for-profit sector as well as our experience with website design and live event management.

The deadline was tight, the budget minimal and the order was large. The website needed to be designed and built-in 3 weeks, keeping in mind that the audience were elderly and needed a simple, streamlined way to navigate the site.

We were also required to create a brand identity that aligned with the synagogue’s own branding and vision and develop a community strategy and content plan.

It should be noted that at this time, there was not yet a large number of streaming platforms or online event websites which have since become popular since the pandemic.


As the project manager AD Media was responsible for delivery and day to management of the project. The website went live in 4 weeks and over 100 original live events were created.  As the professional face to the project, AD Media also established relationships with external organisation in Australia and overseas.


The response to the Dunera Project was overwhelmingly positive.

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people subscribed to the platform,
on a shoestring budget.

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