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Monday Morning Cooking Club



Monday Morning Cooking Club (MMCC) is comprised of 4 irrepressible women from Sydney’s Jewish community who share an unbridled love of cooking, storytelling and, of course, eating. Each of their 4 cookbooks feature recipes lovingly curated from the global Jewish Diaspora. The books are sold directly through their website as well as third party retailers such as Amazon, Booktopia and in-person bookstores.  All proceeds from the books are donated to charity. MMCC also run-in person and virtual cooking classes.

The Challenge

MMCC had a dedicated and loyal audience. Their goal was to increase sales and improve their level of engagement. In addition, they wanted to grow their brand awareness outside of the Jewish community without losing touch with their brand’s core identity. Brand awareness can be a difficult metric to precisely measure and analyse, and therefore gauge the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Central to the goal of increased engagement and awareness was hosting cooking classes and collaborating with other businesses and influencers within the food and hospitality space. The unpredictable nature of Covid lockdowns made this a challenge at times.


We analysed social media insights to determine which content themes drove the highest level of engagement amongst the existing audience. We also engaged in competitor analysis and undertook research into trending terms to identify new content ideas. A range of Facebook advertising campaigns were executed to increase reach, engagement, and conversions. Facebook and Instagram shops were also created to generate revenue.

To help improve brand awareness and drive traffic to the website we secured a Google AD Grant resulting in a $10K monthly allowance for Google Ads. We also streamlined the integration of existing digital channels. One of the ways we did this was to upload the Mail Chimp database of 14,000 into Facebook Ads Manager to create a custom audience. We then used this to create a lookalike audience. This enabled us to target people who were likely to be interested in MMCC.

We created a media kit for prospective brand and influencer collaboration opportunities and provided ongoing content moderation and community engagement.


 Website traffic increased by 230% over 8 months from 6900 monthly visitors in January 2020 to 22,957 in August.

Instagram followers increased by 27% from 22,000 to 28,000.

Reach also increased dramatically, from an average reach of 61, 220 in January to 124, 327 in August, signifying a 103% increase.

Facebook increased in reach from 36,618 in January to 181,256 in August, indicating a growth in reach of 394%.

Facebook engagement also grew by 113% over the same time.