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Live At Yours is an innovative live music company, sharing world-class classical music with intimate audiences in unique spaces. The project is the brainchild of classical music virtuoso Vladimar Fanshil and his opera singer-wife Eleanor Lyons. Like so many others, COVID 19 prevented them from returning to their home in Vienna. But ever the innovative creatives, the couple seized upon the opportunity to share their incredible talent with a local audience.

They approached us to help develop their branding, tone of voice and create a digital marketing and online advertising strategy.

The Challenge

As a start-up, the client had limited resources with much funding coming through grants. Whilst working under these conditions, we needed to create a brand identity that was sophisticated and appealed to an affluent audience with refined tastes. However, we also needed to find ways to make classical music appealing to a younger audience.

The client also required us to provide them with training to allow them a sense of autonomy and creative ownership over the project.

The Solution

We undertook a branding exercise, utilising one on one workshop sessions to establish the core aims, philosophy, and unique value proposition of Live At Yours.  We also engaged in extensive competitor research and experimented with a range of concepts before establishing a comprehensive brand identity and style guide. This was then used across their website, advertising material, performance programs, and social media.

We delivered a portfolio of templates for key documents such as posters and concert programs to ensure consistency in branding and also allow the client a sense of autonomy in future projects.

The Live At Yours website was refreshed to be consistent with the new brand identity and to reflect their core aims. AD Media also developed a Social Media Content plan.


The updated brand identity and ongoing graphic design work has allowed Live At Yours to reach a wider audience and present itself as an authority in the live classical music industry. The recognisable visual style increases brand awareness and authority, leading to increased ticket sales and a wider reach. Ongoing concert bookings and audience feedback, as well as a number of grant approvals from the Australian Government, reflect the ongoing success of Live At Yours.