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4 Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Engagement

Trim the fat

 Maintaining an email database is an ongoing nurturing process. Did you known that email service providers charge based on the size of your database? The more subscribers you have, the more you pay. It makes sense to regularly cull any inactive or unsubscribed members from your list.

There’s no reason why you should be paying to email people who aren’t genuinely interested in your products, services, or message. If someone hasn’t opened an email from you in over 90 days, it’s best to bid “adios”. This can also improve those open rates as your emails will reach the people who want to hear from you.

However, Apple’s iOS changes make tracking open rates more difficult which in turn makes it harder to remove inactive or invalid emails. Email management tools can allow you to circumvent these changes.

Services like Moosend and HubSpot already have an array of features to help you keep your contact lists up to date. Moreover, they integrate with various email verification platforms, allowing you to check the validity of your subscribers’ email addresses.

Make sure your automations are up to scratch

Another important element of any good email marketing strategy is to ensure that your automations are in place.

Do customers receive a welcome email when they subscribe? Do you have abandoned cart sequence set up to remind customers to complete their purchase? If not, there’s no time like the present to create customer focused automations to help improve sales.

If you have been running automations for some time, look at their performance and see where improvements can be made. If they are consistently delivering low click through rates, perhaps it’s time to edit them and revive the creative material.

Abandoned cart emails in particular offer brands the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. When creating abandoned cart emails emphasise the unique value proposition of your products. Think about their potential objections of consumers and how you can assuage these.

Below are a couple of our favourite abandoned cart emails.

society 6 abonded cart email

Society 6 offers a generous discount to help convert consumers but importantly they place a time limit on this offer to create a sense of urgency. They also include a link to their return policy to reassure consumers.  In addition, they remind us of their unique selling proposition by referencing that a portion of the profits are given directly to the artists.

dyson abondoned cart email


Dyson uses playful copy to grab the attention of consumers. Importantly the email is personalised and showcases the product which was abandoned.  The use of two prominent call to action buttons make this a cleverly designed email.

Nail personalisation 

Segmenting your audience into categories based on past purchasing behaviour or demographics allows you to send more targeted and personalised email campaigns. Although Apple’s iOS 15 update is making personalised marketing more difficult there are ways to mitigate disruptions.

 The Apple iOS update conceals the IP address of the recipient and prevents senders from knowing whether their emails have been opened. This of course makes it harder for marketers to determine the actual open rate of campaigns as well as personalise their campaigns based on location and activity.

The lack of open rate data makes it much harder for marketers to understand the success of their campaigns. However, all hope is not lost. Your click-through, bounce, and unsubscribe data remain intact! To analyse the performance of campaigns, renewed focus should be placed on these metrics.

Marketers should double down on their copywriting efforts to compel their audience to pay attention. A catchy subject line is now more important than ever! If writing isn’t quite your cup of tea, AD Media can provide effective, creative, and conversion focused email marketing copy to help boost engagement.

Run AB tests

One of the best ways to ensure that your messaging is on point is to run A/B tests.

An A/B test allows you to take a single variable like a subject line and test it against another to see which one your audience likes best. By doing this you can determine the type of content which has the highest resonance amongst your audience.

Conducting regular A/B tests is important to ensure your recipients are receiving the most relevant content.  Whilst Apple’s changes may make data collection more difficult, if you’re looking to get to know your audience an easy way is to simply asks them via periodic surveys. This can be great way to understand your audiences pain points in greater detail.

If you need help creating a kick ass email marketing strategy. The team at AD Media are here to help.