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Why Video Marketing Should Be Top of Your List

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As its name suggests, video marketing is an online marketing tool that is based on the use of audiovisual images, mainly through the Internet, to achieve different objectives of a company’s marketing strategy.

In short, if you’ve got a marketing strategy, in this day and age video content is not only important but essential.

Of course, creating quality video content requires an investment of time and effort.

Whether you decide to go through a video marketing agency or decide to do it yourself under one roof, carrying out your video project effectively is ultimately worth your time.

Let’s use social media as an example.

Social Media video content

Behind the scenes for Kraken Rum social media campaign.

An enormous amount of video content is consumed in the social media ecosystem daily. In fact, since the rapid emergence of TikTok, most major platforms (looking at Instagram and Youtube) have now installed reel, and short video formats into their platforms to attract users.

In short, social media videos are a force to be reckoned with (especially for your next campaign)

First of all though, let’s take a look at how to make them first.

How to Create Great Marketing Videos

Realistically, the subject of how to create great, engaging marketing videos is an in-depth, intricate topic that could fill entire shelves of a library.

post production services studio.

Yahoo Pre-record live stream

However, as part of your digital marketing strategy, to create a video that converts, sells, entertains, and informs, whatever your objective may be, there are a few core pillars to remember in the production process.

Target Audience

When it comes to marketing videos, utilise one of the core principles of marketing.

Establish your target audience, research as much as you can, and tailor your video to them.

On social media platforms, there exists a range of fantastic tools you can use to target your videos to your audience, such as Meta Ads Manager.

Brand Message

Figure out what your company is trying to say, what your brand signifies, what exactly you offer, and bring that to life with a branded video.

A marketing video is a wonderful method to get people aware of the who, what, and why of your brand, but brand videos also need to get your message across effectively.

Educate, inform and entertain.

Make sure everything down to your video editing is on the same page as the people you’re trying to reach with your brand videos.

Marketing Goals/Video Strategy

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As most great marketing videos need planning from pre to post-production, so does your marketing video content strategy.

Figure out when you’re going to release it, distribution channels, how the sales funnel will look, the final product, etc.

Plan, plan, and plan again.

Where Should You Focus Your Video Marketing Strategy?

When considering a good video marketing strategy, the first question you must ask yourself is usually: which network or networks should I focus on when creating and promoting my videos?

There are a ton of platforms out there, but let’s take a dive into the most prominent video hosting platforms today.


Vimeo and YouTube video channels

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has without a shred of doubt become the video platform par excellence worldwide.

It possesses a whopping 2 billion active users per month (that’s a lot of potential eyeballs).

Its model is focused on the millennial and centennial generations since they are the ones who consume the most hours of video.

Individuals between 16 and 25 years old consume an average of 9.21h of online video per week (only 6.19h on TV) and those between 26 and 35 years old 8.68h (compared to 7.90h on TV).

The generational change is seen, the older the age, the less consumption of digital video and the more of television. So, we are inexorably heading towards this new audiovisual paradigm.

According to YouTube, more than 1.9 billion users log into the global video platform every month, and more than 1 billion hours of video are watched every day.

Perhaps the most notable stat (only one more I promise!) for marketers is that mobile devices play a crucial role since 70% of views come from mobile.

Facebook (Meta)

In recent times Facebook has received criticism (for a number of obvious reasons). However, in the social media landscape, it continues to be a presence that shouldn’t be ignored by any social media specialist.

On average, the site generates more than 8 billion daily views of video content, which is more than 100 million hours of video per day

Astonishingly, only 15% of the content is in video format.

Therefore, there remains a vast field of opportunity to take advantage of your potential audience, especially as around 60% percent of users were quoted as saying they were on the platform to watch videos.

Video is shared on average 89.5 times more than any other type of format, making them the most viral type of content on the platform.

In addition, the native videos of the platform have 10 times more reach than the links to YouTube. So upload your videos on this network, instead of just sharing them from another channel.

Videos between 21 and 44 seconds are the most popular, so keep your marketing video short and sweet!


Originally a platform for sharing photos, for the past decade Instagram has evolved into a major player in the social media landscape, now harnessing a combination of videos, photos, reels, and stories.

It launched its video feature in June 2013 and one of its main features is its brevity: videos were initially limited to 15 seconds, but can now be extended up to a minute.

You can upload videos to your profile feed, stories, reels, live stream, and also on Instagram TV.

In short, you have an enormous audience and a ton of different ways to deliver your marketing videos.

Tik Tok

There’s nothing really to be said about TikTok other than the obvious, they’ve completely changed the game.

live action creative footage.

Facilitating an international TVC campaign

Ever since its inception in late 2016, TikTok has emerged to change the face of social media video with its short, reel-style video format.

Whether you’re a video marketing agency or a business looking to reach new clients and build a brand, it’s hard to ignore the sheer opportunities that lie with getting the right audience on Tik Tok.

Advantages of Video Marketing

Now that you know where to put your videos, here are a few reasons why putting your videos in the right spots will supplement your marketing objectives greatly.


Video strategy allows you to transmit a message in an original format. Videos that tend to work are those that use the great pillars of storytelling, in the sense they make the user feel something, whether they laugh or cry.

If you make people feel a certain way, then they’re much more likely to remember your message, and most importantly, your brand.

If you’re looking to get your message across in the most customisable way there is, the marketing video is hard to ignore. Create a video that you know will engage your target market with maximum impact, rinse, repeat, and watch your community grow.

It’s Easy (And Gets Around)

a video production agency member

On location… production at work

Video consumption tends to be easier to consume than reading text for many individuals, so audiences tend to associate it with leisure and are more receptive as a result.

Generally speaking, it’s easier to capture the attention of users with audiovisual content than with text content.

In addition, quality video content is more likely to be shared, compounding higher engagement and even becoming viral.

Purchase: working on the brand’s video marketing increases conversion. It has been proven that videos help in the purchase decision since they allow a better conception of the appearance and operation of the product or service.


Having a consistent stream of high-quality promotional videos, corporate video, brand video, testimonial videos (you get the picture) will cement your brand as an authority in your niche.

If you possess a prolific library of well-made, relevant videos, then it legitimises your entire business and people will definitely see you as a serious competitor (which means more conversions)

Plus, marketing video production companies operating in the digital sphere will generally be much cheaper than paying for a tv commercial.

Video production can be quite expensive, so getting cost-effective, high-quality marketing video production should always be high on your list.

After all, who doesn’t like a bang for your buck?

Video marketing agency

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Are video production services and corporate video production letting you down?

AD Media has decades of video production experience.  We work with our clients to deliver specific video content that serves your brand best. Contact us for more information on 02 9775 1908 or email us at 


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Essential Organic SEO tips to Make Google Love Your Site

Search Engine Optimisation (or Search Engine Optimization in the US) is a fundamental part of the digital space. As SEO stands, scores of articles and opinion pieces have been written about it.

There are those who say the death of SEO is imminent, others say that SEO is the future. One thing is undeniable. When done correctly for your website, SEO can have Google knocking at the door putting your business right on top of Google search.

This means more traffic, plus the benefits that come with having a high-quality website with a constant stream of visitors and engagement; don’t forget higher conversion rate and ROI (return on investment).

If you’re not entirely familiar with what SEO entails, put simply, SEO is defined as the process used to improve a website’s technical configuration, content relevance, and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, higher quality, and popular towards user search queries.

As a consequence, search engines rank them better. Search engines are designed to provide users with the best, most relevant results for a specific keyword search.  By implementing some basic SEO strategies, you can help your site rank higher than your competitors.

Below is a list of pointers that can be applied to your own site.  

High-Quality Content


People creating a calendar

If there’s one thing that this information age tells us, people really love high-quality, consistent streams of content. And guess what? Google does too. The reality is, your competitors will most likely have some compelling content that resonates with their target audience.

Having a unique content strategy that’s relevant to your industry, audience and is consistent is key.

Funnily enough, articles like the one you’re reading right now are one of the most effective ways to really get those potential customers onto your site.

Other quality forms of content can include regular updates, news, videos, and photos.

For organic SEO, you can’t do much better than getting some fresh, originally produced content. It not only establishes you as an authority on the content you’re uploading, but you’ll also be much more attractive in the eyes of your audience.

If your site is looking a bit old and stale, it’s probably screaming for a bit of attention.

Put some high-quality articles on your website and watch them get found online before you know it.

Keyword Research


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In the world of search engine algorithms, keyword research remains a fundamental part of the SEO process.

Whether it’s SEO for a small business or a large corporation, specific keywords are a make-or-break factor for how attractive your website looks to the Google algorithm.

If you haven’t got the right high-ranking keywords, it’s more than likely search engines will ignore your site for other websites that do.

Spend some time conducting a keyword research exercise applicable to your business and find what your customers are looking for and apply that to your company website.

Determine the keywords and long tail keywords that represent your business, its service offerings, and your brand.

Building traffic to your site is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.  If done correctly, you will see improvements over a few months. The more relevant your keywords, the richer the copy, and the more searchable your site will become making your business more authoritative and this should reflect in the growth of organic traffic, lead generation, and prospects.

Having the right words on your website pages is never a bad investment in your company.



People holding connected copy space circle icons

Google ranks websites using an authority score. Authority Score is how search engines grade the overall quality of a website or a webpage. The higher the score, the more assumed weight a domain’s or webpage’s backlinks could have.  So, include in your organic SEO strategy,  a backlinks plan.  They are an incredibly good way to establish authority.

Think of it this way.

When you are thinking of tools to ensure your path to success in any area of life, it’s always much better to have people vouching for you and backing you up. It provides legitimacy and establishes your business as trustworthy.  SEO works in a similar way.

For example, if your company provides financial advice and the Economist and Financial Review link to your website’s content in their articles, they tell the world that what you have to say is worth looking at. Taking note of this, Google and other search engines when crawling your website will improve your rankings considerably.

If your website doesn’t utilise links from top-tier websites, look into ways to create some link-building.

Generally speaking, the more reputable the better.

There is something called toxic backlinks and Google can recognise these straight away.  Where possible, avoid companies offering miracle backlinks for your site as they might even diminish your standing in SERPs.

Aim for only quality backlinks, and watch search engine optimisation start working in your favor.

Competitor Analysis

Two people performing competitive analysis.

SEO specialists (or any marketing professional for that matter) will tell you that competitor analysis is a fundamental part of standing out above your competitors.

It seems obvious, but it is a fundamental part of SEO.

Let’s say you’re one of the small businesses in your neighborhood selling cookies.

For some reason, the other cookie business is killing it, seemingly able to generate leads and clients out of thin air, crush sales and draw enormous traffic through their website from their advertising and SEO.

Meanwhile, your business is lacking in clients, and you’re not able to get in the kitchen and bake delicious cookies anywhere near as much as you’d like.

What is going on?

Analysing your competitors is the perfect way to find out.

Find out exactly what that business is doing, adapt their organic SEO strategy to your business, and use other marketing tactics they’re utilising on their sites.

If they’re offering a free consultation for every client, consider doing the same.

Your competitor’s content, backlinks, and keywords are all something to consider when devising your organic SEO strategy. See what they’re up to, and mold their SEO success into your own business.

As Picasso once said, the best artists steal.

Mobile SEO


various hands using mobile.

Unless you’ve been living a nomadic lifestyle under a rock in the Mojave desert for the last 20 years, it’s a given that people are even more connected to their mobile devices.

If anything, an organic SEO marketing strategy needs optimisation for mobile like bread needs butter.

As data reveals, the number of individuals browsing for products and services on Google are on their phones, and if your site is devilishly hard to use on a mobile, chances are your site is getting the boot for a more worthy competitor.

It goes without saying, Google knows this as well.

For the survival of your business on the organic SEO stage, you’re going to want to create a page full of features and a process that runs like water for mobile.

So to ensure your ranking stays consistently high and rising, ensure your website is built to be mobile-friendly to stop interested leads browsing away on their touch screens.

On-Page SEO


two people building a website

Any SEO marketing agency worth its salt will tell you that on-page SEO is one of the first things a healthy, growing site needs to really achieve its potential.

When on-page SEO is done well, it can really help businesses rise above their competitors and seriously make an impact for themselves in a SERP ranking.

Here are some recommended tactics you can use to really beef up your site.

Title or Headers

H1, H2, H3 and H4. If you’ve read about SEO, you may have heard this before. These refer to the titles on your page in varying degrees of importance. Your H1 is your main title and should almost always have your target keyword in it.

The following headings such as H2 and H3 benefit from having titles that align with your target keyword. Remember to utilise that keyword research we spoke about earlier.


Meta Description

This is your chance to provide potential customers with a summary of what your business is about.

Think of a meta description as an elevator pitch on a search results page.

Generate curiosity, and attract attention so that the user wants to continue knowing about you. Keep your meta description about your brand products or services short and sweet so potential clients will be hanging for more.

Keep meta descriptions to 160 characters otherwise your ranking might suffer.

Alt Text

Alt text is a handy bit of metadata tool you can easily do yourself.

Alt text is text added on the back end to an image detailing what it is.

It’s your chance that both boosts the structure of your website and adds some excellent keywords to your beautiful images.

Organic SEO Studio


Don’t settle for a lackluster organic SEO marketing strategy.

At AD Media, we customise every marketing campaign to make sure you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


Give us a call on 02 9775 1908 today. You’re in the right hands.


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