ADMedia | 7 strategic video marketing trends to boost your brand in 2024

7 strategic video marketing trends to boost your brand in 2024

As technology advances and markets evolve, businesses need to keep up with fresh video marketing trends to stay relevant. In 2024, video remains a crucial component of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large corporations. A Wyzowl survey revealed that over 90% of businesses used video as a marketing tool last year, and a significant majority of those that didn’t use it, plan to start very soon.

Why is video important in marketing?

Crafting a narrative through video marketing empowers you to create a deeper and emotive connection with your audience. This connection, in turn, facilitates the creation of brand awareness, delivers value, and channels increased traffic to your website. For businesses, this translates to new opportunities to connect with potential leads and increase revenue.

Most importantly, it plays a pivotal role in driving conversions. Video marketing offers a consistently high return on investment, which isn’t changing anytime soon.

Here are some key reasons why:

  • Research has also shown that around 44% of total online video consumption takes place on mobile devices. 
  • Platforms such as YouTube, boasts over 20 million unique monthly viewers, and social media apps have greatly facilitated video-watching on mobile phones. 
  • In fact, the Sandvine 2023 Global Internet Phenomena Report, a reputable source on global application usage and internet traffic, disclosed a 23% increase in global internet traffic. This is due to more individuals instantly accessing video content on the go with high-speed mobile internet and widespread smartphone usage. 
  • In Australia alone, people dedicate around 20 hours monthly to online video consumption, featuring a video ad completion rate of approximately 70%.

In addition to this, IAB Australia reported that 62% of marketers in Australia regard video advertising as the most impactful form of digital advertising. Whether on social media or websites, video has emerged as the unparalleled platform to engage audiences and convert prospects into customers.

So what’s the bottom line?

Understanding how people enjoy mobile videos – short attention spans, vertical formats, and the need for visually appealing content on smaller screens – is key for marketers. By embracing the popularity of mobile video, businesses can connect and engage with their audience more effectively.

Let’s dive into current video trends that are reshaping the digital marketing space in 2024:

1. Short-form videos for quick impact

In 2024, we’ll see even shorter videos (up to 3 minutes). “Short-form” is a general term for the easily digestible or “snackable” content that is everywhere on social media platforms today – from TikTok to Instagram Reels. Research has shown that marketers have 2.7 seconds to capture their audience’s attention with videos.

Most social media platforms now enable short videos that can quickly capture attention and encourage sharing. So it is important to capitalise on the popularity of short-form videos, catering to the short attention spans of today’s audience. 

A few benefits of short-form videos:

  • Easy to watch

Short videos are simple to watch, especially on phones. You can watch them quickly during a break or while waiting in line.

  • Easy to share

Short videos are also easy to share on social media. It’s a great way for people to share their interests.

  • Keeps you engaged

Short videos catch your eye and keep you engaged. People are more likely to watch the full version on YouTube if they watched the social cut. 

This means that video marketers need to capture attention by placing essential information upfront. They’ll also need to use a strong hook and a compelling call to action. In addition to this, it is important to post regularly to keep your audience engaged and crosspost long form videos across various platforms to maximise your investment in video content production.

2. Video SEO

This year, video marketers will focus on video SEO like never before. This involves integrating videos onto your website and optimising all posted video content for search. Video SEO extends beyond Google and YouTube. It is also crucial for content intended for social media platforms. Recent insights reveal that Gen Z primarily uses TikTok as their main search engine.

Video SEO is also instrumental in making your brand more visible and connecting with the right audience. This includes integrating relevant keywords and crafting compelling content. Similar to how search engines evaluate factors like bounce rate and dwell time for web page rankings, they also consider watch time and engagement metrics when ranking videos.

3. Live streaming for real-time connection

Live videos play a crucial role in brand building and building relationships with key audiences virtually. Live videos are distinct and authentic with no room for editing. As a business, you can extend your reach by live streaming in-person events, offering virtual access and tickets. You can also leverage live streaming for real-time connections, featuring behind-the-scenes moments, product launches, and interactive Q&A sessions, resonating authentically with audiences seeking genuine and unscripted experiences.

4. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a clear, short, and visually appealing way to tell people why your brand is valuable. They’re not like regular ads; they make the viewer feel involved. In a market full of options, an explainer video can make you stand out, getting attention and building a connection with your audience. 

Explainer videos are informative but play a pivotal role when buyers are in the consideration phase of the marketing funnel. This makes complex ideas easily digestible. 

Research has shown that 95% of prospective customers actively choose to watch explainer videos for a more in-depth understanding of a product or service. This means that the majority of buyers want to find out more about a specific product before making a purchase commitment.

5. Customer success videos

Customer success videos emerge as powerful storytellers. These videos are not mere promotional pieces; they are authentic narratives that showcase real-life experiences and success stories related to your products or services.

Genuine customer success stories (such as case study videos) have the ability to create a human connection, allowing your audience to see how your offerings positively impact real people. Through testimonials and firsthand experiences, customer success videos build trust and credibility, setting your brand apart in a market flooded with claims and choices.

By shaping audience perceptions with these powerful narratives, you’re not just conveying information; you’re fostering a deeper emotional connection. Customer success videos resonate with consumers seeking authenticity, transparency, and real-world proof of your brand’s value. As a result, they play a crucial role in building a positive brand image, driving meaningful engagement, and cultivating lasting customer loyalty.

6. Include behind-the-scenes footage

Incorporating behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos into your branding strategy is an effective method for cultivating authentic connections with consumers. BTS content provides a unique glimpse into the heart of your company, unveiling the real stories, people, and dedication behind your products or services. 

This transparency builds authenticity and trust, not just the polished end product but also the challenges you had to overcome as a business. This will make your brand more authentic which is a critical factor when creating a loyal customer base. These authentic, unscripted moments not only showcase your brand’s uniqueness but also cultivate a community of customers who feel a deeper, more personal connection to your product.

7. Immersive storytelling and enhanced experiences

This one is for the more adventurous ones or those in the tech industry. You can improve your interaction with viewers by offering immersive experiences through interactive videos. This will enable your audience to make choices within the video by creating a personalised journey. This trend not only captures attention but also fosters a sense of active participation, keeping your brand front-of-mind.

One way of doing so is by immersing your audience in a virtual realm using 360-degree videos. This immersive format enables viewers to navigate the surroundings from various perspectives, crafting an immersive and unforgettable experience. This is perfect for highlighting locations, events, or offering an interactive tour of your products.

You can also use augmented reality (AR) to showcase products in real-world environments is also becoming more popular. This allows consumers to visualise and engage with your offerings before making a purchase. This innovative approach adds an exciting layer to your brand’s narrative.

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